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Training - Fundamental Analysis

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General objectives:

• Understand the differences between technical analysis and fundamental investment analysis.
• Understand the main assumptions for evaluating a stock or a company.
• How to make a decision through the main economic and financial concepts of a company.
• The impact of fundamental analysis on the valuation of a company or stock.


Who is it for:

  • Professionals from Financial Institutions, Financial Directors, Controllers, CEO and professionals who invest in the financial market.


  • The training will be developed through slideshows, case studies, mathematical exercises, and even Excel spreadsheets can be used, if notebooks or computers are available.


Module 1 - Graphic and Technical School x Fundamental School

  • Graphic and technical school x Fundamental school the empiricism with a theoretical basis

  • Elementary School – Looking to the future

  • Elementary School – Bottom-up Analysis vs. Top-Down Analysis

Module 2 - Introduction and Application

  • Fundamental Analysis x Technical Analysis

  • Application

Module 3 - Steps

  • Understand the Business

  • Shareholding Composition

  • Governance Level

  • Products and services

  • Raw materials used (commodities)

  • Investment Plans

Module 4 - Steps Advanced Analysis of Financial Statements

  • Balance Sheet

  • Income Statement for the Year (DRE)

  • Analysis of profitability indexes

  • margins

  • Financial situation analysis

  • Indebtedness and Default Risk Analysis

Module 5 - Business Environment Analysis

  • macroeconomic analysis

  • sector analysis

  • Company strategy analysis

Credit hours: 16h class


Investment, deadline and application procedures

Possibility of installments in up to 6 installments on the credit card

Progressive discount for:

  • 1 registration = 10%

  • 2 registrations = 15%

  • 3 registrations = 20%


The registration fee includes:

  • Printed handout and worksheets

  • Valini Training Certificate

  • Check out the payment facilities for our events. Boleto, Credit Card up to 06 interest-free installments, or Deposit to Account.

  • If you prefer, request an In-Company proposal with the benefits of adapting training to your company's reality!

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