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Training - Beyond Budgeting

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  • Budget Planning is a universally applied management discipline and tool, but most organizations, and especially business managers, are highly dissatisfied with traditional budgeting and the associated planning processes.

  • Budget Planning is widely seen as an exercise in minimization. When preparing the Budget Planning, most professionals end up playing with the numbers, that is, for revenues they try to minimize the amounts in order not to make commitments and, for costs and expenses, they try to inflate budgets because they know that a manager or director will proceed often drastic or horizontal cuts. Another important aspect that budget planning is linked to future strategy in an organization.

  • Given these facts, the result of planning is obvious (inadequate planning and inadequate execution). In a rapidly changing world, with so much value now created from "intangible assets", the typical budgeting process produces a budget that is out of date even before it is finally approved by senior management, often misaligned with business strategy and they are often a bureaucratic burden that destroys rather than adds value.

  • Most organizations, fully aware of these common issues, have sought new budgeting and control methodologies in order to align strategy with budget execution in an increasingly dynamic and complex world.

  • A growing number of organizations recognize that just tinkering with a system that no longer works is really not the answer. Instead, they take a more revolutionary approach - they completely abandon budgeting as we know it. They embraced Beyond Budgeting.

General objectives:

  • Provide an introductory understanding of the concept, benefits, and practical aspects of implementation.


Who is it for:

  • CFOs, Controllership Managers, Controllership Analysts in general who recognize that the current limitations of traditional budgeting models and associated management models need radical improvement. Managers and supervisors at all organizational levels looking for a better budgeting and planning model.



  • Lectures, case studies and practical exercises related to the reality of participating companies.


Module 1 - Rationale, History and Concept of Beyond Budgeting

  • Why is change necessary? The serious limitations of the traditional budget

  • Basic concepts and expected benefits - Planning and Budgeting Process x Management philosophy and culture

  • Abandoning the trap of negotiated annual performance, encouraging people to achieve results based on external benchmarking and not only on defined internal goals.

  • If we abandon the traditional budgeting which management tools will be consistent with the principles of Beyond Budgeting ?

  • How the concept of Beyond Budgeting has grown internationally to the present day.

Module 2 - The Key Principles of Beyond Budgeting

  • The Key Principles of Beyond Budgeting

  • The BB concept is built around 6 processes and 6 leadership principles.

  • This session describes each of these principles and examines practical aspects as well as conceptual theory.

Module 3 - The Adaptive Process Opportunity: Enabling Managers to Focus on Continuous Value Creation

  • Adaptive Processes Principles

  • Implementation Insights

Module 4 - The Opportunity for Radical Decentralization: Empowering Leaders to Create a High-Performance Organization

  • Removing barriers to change

  • Principles of Radical Decentralization

  • Insights on the change of Mind-Sets in centralizing companies and people.

Module 5 - Making Beyond Budgeting Happen

  • System functions and tools

Credit hours: 16h class


Investment, deadline and application procedures

Possibility of installments in up to 6 installments on the credit card

Progressive discount for:

  • 1 registration = 10%

  • 2 registrations = 15%

  • 3 registrations = 20%


The registration fee includes:

  • Printed handout and worksheets

  • Valini Training Certificate

  • Check out the payment facilities for our events. Boleto, Credit Card up to 06 interest-free installments, or Deposit to Account.

  • If you prefer, request an In-Company proposal with the benefits of adapting training to your company's reality!

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