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Certified Expert Scrum Master (ESMC™)

Técnicos de Painéis Solares

The Certified Expert Scrum Master (ESMC™) is relevant for professionals with experience managing complex Scrum projects and facilitating the work of Scrum teams.

Expert Scrum Master Certified (ESMC) certifications are the next step for Scrum professionals to further demonstrate their knowledge of the Scrum methodology. This will test the professional's ability to manage
complex Scrum projects and scale Scrum into complex projects that involve large teams, programs, and project portfolios.

Exam Format

  • Multiple choice

  • 200 questions for the exam

  • 240 minutes long

  • Online exam with supervision

  • Two free retakes

Maintenance of Certification

  • Take the ESMC™ recertification exam every 3 years or earn any SCRUMstudy™ Certification.


  • EAD - asynchronous


  1. Scrum Overview

  2. Scrum Principles

  3. Scrum Aspects

  4. Scrum Phases

  5. Escalating Scrum

  6. Scrum Simulated Design Exercise

  7. Agile Overview

  8. Domains of Agile Practices

  9. Agile Techniques

  10. Comparison of Agile Methods

  11. Best fit and blitz analysis


  • Minimum 3 years experience in Scrum and Agile project management.

  • Must hold certifications in SMC ® , SAMC and SPOC ® .

Audience Profile

  • This certification is suitable for professionals who are experienced in facilitating Scrum teams and taking ownership of complex Scrum implementations.

In-Company Training

  • Request a budget for in-company training or via the Zoom platform.


  • R$ 2,100.00 in up to 6 installments via credit card

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