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Training - Strategic Price Management

Sessão de Brainstorming

General objectives:

  • Train participants in costing concepts and systems in industrial commercial and service companies.

  • Understand the impact of taxes and financial costs on pricing.

  • Know the impacts of investments on sales price formation.

  • Understand the marketing variables and how it interferes in the business management and pricing of a company.

  • Understand the company's price management x strategic positioning.

  • Enable the student to build pricing models for different types of companies.

  Who is it for:

  • Marketing, finance, sales and controllership professionals, who need to make safe decisions taking into account the variables, accounting, financial, economic, cost and market in the day-to-day of an organization.

Expected benefits:

  • After the training, the participant will be able to:
    • Make pricing decisions more securely;
    • Understand the main variables that affect pricing;
    • Understand the context and pricing strategies of a company;
    • Modeling pricing systems to make decisions.


  • The training will be developed through slideshows, case studies, mathematical exercises, and even Excel spreadsheets can be used.


Module 1 - Meaning of price and its components

  • The essence of marketing

  • marketing compound

  • Price meaning

  • Price components

Module 2 - The Company's Price and Objectives

  • Company and marketing objectives

    • Survival

    • Maximizing current profits

    • Goals for maximizing sales and/or sales growth

    • market leadership objective

    • Product/Market/Service Leadership Objective

    • Market "skimming" policy

    • market penetration policy

    • Relevant factors of price targets

Module 3 - Pricing Strategy

Module 4 - Influence of demand on price formation

Module 5 - The role of competition and government influence in pricing

Module 6 - Relation between costs and price

  • Pricing parameters.

  • Historical evolution of the relationship between cost and price.

  • Variables in the cost versus price ratio:

    • cost function

    • market function

    • perceived value function

Module 7 - Fundamentals of Cost Analysis

  • Concepts of expenses, costs, expenses, investments, disbursements and losses

Module 8 - Cost Elements

  • Direct and Indirect Costs

  • Fixed and Variable Costs

  • Legal Aspects, Advantages and Disadvantages

Module 9 -   Costing Methods

  • Direct Cost (Variable)

  • Absorption cost

  • ABC cost

Module 9 - Costing Systems

  • Cost Centers, Product Structures and Manufacturing Routes

  • Appropriation of Costs and Expenses and Apportionment Criteria

Module 10 - Stock Valuation

  • PEPS, UEPS and Medium Methods

  • Replacement Prices

Module 11 - Standard Cost

  • Conceptual Aspects

  • Advantages and importance in Planning and Control

  • Analysis of variations between real and standard

Module 11 - The impact of taxes on prices

Module 12 - Sales Price Formation

  • Sales Price Formation

  • Important Pricing Considerations

  • Determination of Mark-up, Profit Margin and Financial Cost

  • Analysis of the Cost, Volume and Profit relationship

  • Break-Even Point Calculation in Value and Quantities

  • Contribution Margin and Price Projection

  • Cost and pricing in full costing

  • Cost and pricing in marginal costing

  • Cost and pricing in ABC costing

  • sales price market costs

  • Price and result per negotiation

  • Price formation for export products.

  • Break-Even Point Calculation in Value and Quantities

  • Contribution Margin and Price Projection

  • Special Topics

Credit hours: 32h class


Investment, deadline and application procedures

Possibility of installments in up to 6 installments on the credit card

Progressive discount for:

  • 1 registration = 10%

  • 2 registrations = 15%

  • 3 registrations = 20%


The registration fee includes:

  • Printed handout and worksheets

  • Valini Training Certificate

  • Check out the payment facilities for our events. Boleto, Credit Card up to 06 interest-free installments, or Deposit to Account.

  • If you prefer, request an In-Company proposal with the benefits of adapting training to your company's reality!

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