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Training - Real Estate Modeling


General objectives:

This training aims to:

  • Train participants in concepts related to Real Estate

  • Enable participants to understand the aspects to enable a Real Estate project

  • Train participants in financial modeling in Real Estate


Who is it for:

  • Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Financiers and Analysts who want to develop in Real Estate projects

Expected benefits:

  • Deepening of Real Estate concepts

  • Understand in practice how projects in Real Estate are made viable

  • Have a complete model to simulate projects.


  • Deepening the theory on the subject and practical exercises in Excel


    Module 1 - The Real Estate Investment Process

    • How we create value with Real Estate

    • Real Estate Value Cycle

    • How investors participate in value creation

    • Role of synergy in creating value

    • Location factors in creating value

    • Property Factors

    • the market team

    • Asset Management

    Module 2 - Market Demand Drivers

    • Economic

    • Technological

    • Demographics

    • Location

    Module 3 - Property Types

    • Apartments

    • offices

    • commercial condominiums

    • Industrial Condominiums

    • Office Condominiums

    • Hotels

    • shopping centers

    Module 4 - Understanding the Investor's Purpose

    • Funds

    • family offices

    • Individual investors

    • other investors

    Module 5 - Developing the Feasibility Model

    • The six main steps in the development process

    • Modeling Principles

      • The Building Blocks of a Development Model

      • Dynamism in Development Modeling

      • Monthly Cash Flows versus Annual Cash Flows

      • Excel error checking and best practices

      • Model Color Coding

      • Excel Hotkeys and Shortcuts

    • Starting the Model

      • ​Building the property details table

      • lease modeling

      • Modeling Land Acquisition Metrics

      • Build Construction Loan Terms

      • Build Financing Conditions

      • Total cost breakdown​

      • Sale Details

      • Sources and Uses

    • Building recipe spreadsheet

      • Defining the number of units​

      • Setting real estate prices

      • Defining property rent

      • growth assumptions

      • other recipes

      • Calculation of taxes on income

    • Building the expense sheet

      • chart of accounts

      • cost center

      • Fixed costs and expenses

      • Variable costs and expenses

      • Modeling of rental expense time

    • Construction Budget

      • Direct construction costs

        • Labor​

        • Inputs

        • Service providers

        • Others

        • Indirect costs

    • Building Financing Worksheet

      • Equity

      • Third party capital

      • Modeling of financial and operational metrics

    • Building monthly and yearly cash flow

      • ​Monthly cash flow dynamics

      • Monthly Debt, Concessions and Other Losses

      • Total Modeling of Other Income

      • Monthly modeling of expenses and administration fees

      • Modeling Net Operating Income

      • Construction Cost Modeling and CF Before Debt Service

      • Monthly Loan and CF Payments After Debt Service

      • Land Acquisition Cost Modeling

      • Setting up loan information

      • Calculation of operating cash flows

    • Cost of Capital

    • Results report

    • Balance Sheet

    • sensitivity analysis

    • Project profitability analysis

    • Analysis of the projected model

    Credit hours: 24h class


    Investment, deadline and application procedures

    Possibility of installments in up to 6 installments on the credit card

    Progressive discount for:

    • 1 registration = 10%

    • 2 registrations = 15%

    • 3 registrations = 20%


    The registration fee includes:

    • Printed handout and worksheets

    • Valini Training Certificate

    • Check out the payment facilities for our events. Boleto, Credit Card up to 06 interest-free installments, or Deposit to Account.

    • If you prefer, request an In-Company proposal with the benefits of adapting training to your company's reality!

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