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Scaled Scrum Product Owner Certificate (SSPOC™)


The Scaled Scrum Product Owner (SSPOC™) certificate is relevant for Product Owners, Product Program Owners, or Portfolio Program Owners dealing with complex projects, programs, or portfolios.

The purpose of this certification is to confirm that candidates have the Scrum expertise necessary to coordinate the work of multiple Product Owners on a complex project, program, or portfolio.

Exam Format

  • Multiple choice

  • 70 questions for the exam

  • 90 minutes long

  • Online exam with supervision

  • Two free retakes


  • It is mandatory to complete SPOC™ certification before applying for SSPOC™ certification

Maintenance of Certification

  • Take the SSPOC™ recertification exam every 3 years or get any certification

Audience Profile

  • This certification is recommended for anyone who is interested in working as a Chief Product Owner,
    Program Product Owner or Portfolio Product Owner.


  • EAD - asynchronous

In-Company Training

  • Request a budget for in-company training or via the Zoom platform.


  • R$ 2,400.00 in up to 6 installments via credit card


  1. Agile Overview

    • What is it and why use Agile?
    • The Agile Manifesto and the Principles behind it
    • Agile Methods

  2. Scrum Overview

    • Scrum Planning
    • Scrum Framework
    • Scrum Functions
    • Scrum Flow

  3. Start

Create Project Vision
• Identify the Scrum Master and the
• Form the Scrum Team
• Develop Epic(s)
• Create Prioritized Product Backlog
• Carry out release planning

4. Plan and Estimate
Create user stories

• Estimate user stories
• Confirm User Stories
• Identify tasks
• Estimate tasks
• Create Sprint Backlog

5. Implement
• Create Deliverables

• Perform Daily Standup • Refine Prioritized Product Backlog
6. Review and Retrospect
• Demonstrate and validate the Sprint
• Project retrospective

7. Release
• Send the deliverables
• Project retrospective

8. Scale Scrum for Large Projects
• Create large project components
• Conduct and coordinate Sprints
• Prepare the release of large projects
• Impact of large projects for
Scrum core processes

9. Escalate Scrum to the Company
• Create Program or Portfolio components
• Review and update the Scrum Guidance Body (SGB)
• Create and refine the Program or Portfolio Backlog
• Coordinate Program or Portfolio components
• Program Retrospective or Portfolio Release

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