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Training - OBZ Zero Base Budget

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The “Zero Base Budgeting” (ZBB) or Zero Base Budgeting (OBZ) is an instrument for identifying and evaluating the company's activities, collaborating with the administration in the budget decision-making process.

Through OBZ, the company will not only carry out a budget projection added to the growth rates, which are often defined at random. In this process, the amounts considered significant must be subject to a detailed analysis, in which case they must be fully justified.

The tool proposes a thorough analysis of the strategic priorities of the business and focus on the resources really needed to carry them out. By applying this concept, companies will have the opportunity to identify opportunities to improve their results through cost reduction processes, in addition to promoting a greater level of efficiency in their operations.

More than a way to make a future forecast, the Zero Base Budget or Zero Base Planning, it is a Management Model, which, if actually implemented in the company, can help bring great future benefits.

It will make each manager constantly evaluate each expense or activity to be created in the company. The Manager will be focused on process, cost-benefit analysis of everything that is done, will develop a more accurate critical sense, because for each new expense will have to justify the reason for this new expenditure.

In addition to being a cost reduction tool, it serves to allocate company resources more efficiently, helping to allocate projects that will bring more results for the company.

Among the benefits are:

  • Forces managers to reflect on operations and look for opportunities for improvement;

  • Provides detailed information regarding resources needed to accomplish the desired purposes;

  • Draws attention to excesses and duplicity between activities or departments;

  • It focuses on real needs rather than variations from the previous year;

  • Develops participation, with intense communication between areas;

  • Provides better monitoring of planned versus performed;

  • Analyzes the cost/benefit of all projects, processes and activities from scratch.

General objectives:

  • Understand that Budget Planning is more than a simple expense control tool, but an instrument that helps companies to create value, linking strategic objectives to tactical actions of an annual planning.

  • Understand that Budget Planning can be an integrative and communication tool in achieving greater goals.

  • Understand the main concepts related to budget management, how the OBZ - Zero Base Budget works, enabling the participant to prepare an implementation project within their organization.

Who is it for:

The OBZ Training – Zero Base Budget is aimed at professionals in the financial, accounting, controllership, managing directors and coordinators of other departments of a company who want to get familiar with and understand the concept and how to implement this management model in a company.

The course is fully practical, our methodology is based on in-depth theory, along with group discussions, slideshow, Excel-based exercises.

Complete Program:

Module I - Budget: Concepts, Objectives and Types

  • Linking Strategy to Budget

  • The company seen as a set of processes and activities

  • The need for managers' business vision and results

  • Budgeting is predicting the future according to your new needs

  • Responsibility for Conducting the Budget Process

  • The new role of managers in the budget process

  • Budget Information Systems

  • Budget Types

Module II - From Strategy to Zero-Based Budgeting

  • Environmental analysis and scenario creation

  • Definition of strategic objectives

  • Definition of budget assumptions

  • Starting the OBZ Model - Zero Base Budget

Module III - Structuring

  • Fundamentals

  • Model Structuring

  • The awareness process

  • Building teams and leaders

  • Structuring of Analysis Procedures

  • Structuring the Information Model

  • Structuring the Prioritization Model

  • Definition of the Budget Control Model

Module IV - Deploying OBZ

  • Controllership as project leader

  • Manager Training

  • Review of processes and activities

  • Preparing the "Decision Packages"

  • The structure of the "Decision Package"

  • The dynamics for an efficient prioritization process

  • Rules for forming an OBZ committee

  • How to insert OBZ into the Budget Planning Information System

  • Analysis and approval process in the OBZ System.

  • Zero Base Budget Process Administration

  • Budget Management Through PDCA

  • The Matrix Budget Principles

  • Budget Monitoring

  • Monthly Meetings

  • Audit

  • Schedule

Credit hours: 16h class

Investment, deadline and procedures for registration:


Possibility of installments in up to 6 installments on the credit card

Progressive discount for:

  • 1 registration = 10%

  • 2 registrations = 15%

  • 3 registrations = 20%

The registration fee includes:

  • Printed handout and worksheets

  • Valini & Training Certificate.

  • Check out the payment facilities for our events. Boleto, Credit Card up to 06 interest-free installments, or Deposit to Account.

  • If you prefer, request an In-Company proposal with the benefits of adapting training to your company's reality!

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